Welcome to Churchill Wellness

If you are visiting, it is highly likely that you or someone you love is experiencing some form of pain.  We are here to try and help with that pain

Whether for chiropractic care or massage therapy, we have you covered.


Massage Therapy Hours

Tuesday        10am - 6pm (Muriel)

Wednesday   12noon - 8pm (Krystle)

Thursday       10am - 6pm (Muriel)

Friday            11am - 8pm (Krystle)

Saturday        9:00am - 2pm (Krystle)

We have two registered massage therapists, Muriel Homewood and Krystle Tulloch.

Chiropractor, Dr. David Ruegg, has 40 years experience, a majority of that time was at The Ruegg Clinic in Newmarket.

Please call or email us for an appointment.

T: (705) 456-8008

E: churchillwellness@gmail.com


Chiropractic Hours

Monday - Closed

Tuesday   9am -  7pm

Wednesday 8am - 12noon

Thursday   2pm -  7pm

Friday 8am - 12noon

Saturday   9am - 1pm